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A gastroscopy is a procedure which examines the oesophagus and stomach using a thin flexible tube with a camera on the end. The procedure takes approximately ten to fifteen minutes.  Biopsies are sometimes taken during the procedure.

Why have a gastroscopy?
A gastroscopy is performed to evaluate symptoms of abdominal pain, heartburn, nausea vomiting and difficulty swallowing and to take biopsies and perform dilatations if required.


You will be fasted overnight for a morning procedure and you will have no food from 7am if the procedure is being performed in the afternoon. Water is permitted up until 2 hours prior to your admission time. Some medications are ceased prior to the procedure- this depends on your doctor.


This procedure is undertaken in a hospital or day procedure setting usually as a day patient. It is possible to have this procedure done under just a local anaesthetic throat spray but intravenous sedation is usually used. (If you wish to have the procedure unsedated you need to discuss this with your specialist). You will have an anaesthetist present to monitor you if you have sedation. Your teeth will be protected with a mouth guard.

Complications are uncommon but can occur. These include bleeding, usually from a biopsy site and perforation can occur-mainly following dilatation of strictures. Other problems which may occur could be  reactions from the intravenous drugs used in some instances.

You will be taken to recovery room following the procedure until the sedation has worn off. Your throat may feel sore and you may experience some bloating.
You will be allowed home after a couple of hours and will be able to resume normal activities in 24 hours.

As you will have had sedation it is important that you have someone stay with you overnight, don’t drive a car or operate machinery, drink any alcohol or work for 24 hours

Your specialist will decide if he or she needs to see you again and if so an appointment will be given to you on discharge.