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Capsule Endoscopy

Capsule Endoscopy

Otherwise known as “pillcam”.

Dr Maree Pekin, Mr Bruce Stewart and Dr Tim Elliott are all accredited to perform this procedure. The procedure is carried out in our rooms by one of our nurses. It involves  arriving at the rooms at 8.30am on the day of the procedure where you will be greeted by the nurse. You will arrive having fasted from the previous night.  The nurse will connect you with the equipment ( a belt around the waist which contains the electrodes which receive the signals from the capsule) and a shoulder bag which holds the recording device. You will then swallow the capsule which is about the size of a large antibiotic capsule. You will only be in the rooms for  10-15 minutes and then will be free to go home if you live locally or to spend the day in Ballarat if you are from out of town.  You may have a light lunch and then return to the rooms at 4.30pm for disconnection. During the day you are able to use a computer, radio, stereo and mobile phone.  You may walk, sit and lay down but avoid heavy lifting and exercise. You may return to work.

At the end of the day after disconnection the video is created on a dedicated computer. Your specialist will view this video and prepare a report. This is usually done within a couple of weeks. The nurse will make an appointment for you to return to your specialist to obtain the results.

There are specific guidelines from Medicare for funding of this procedure which you must meet otherwise the cost is entirely your responsibility. The nurse will explain this to you when you make the appointment for the procedure.

Your general practitioner can refer you directly for this procedure as an “Open access”referral.

Please note that iron tablets must be ceased one week prior to capsule endoscopy & you need to advise the nurse if you have a pacemaker.